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Antibody validation breast

Antibody validation rewrites story of estrogen receptor β

A new study by Cecilia Williams (KTH/ SciLifeLab) and colleagues uncovers that the notion of estrogen receptor beta playing a role in breast cancer is based on analyses with inadequate antibodies. The results show that other proteins are mistakenly identified as ERβ, which cannot even be detected in breast cancer tissue when using the only antibody with sufficient specificity.

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Tea consumption leads to epigenetic changes in women

Novel findings from a study led by Åsa Johansson (Uppsala University/SciLifeLab) uncovers that tea consumption in women leads to DNA methylation of genetic regions associated with cancer and estrogen metabolism. The same pattern could not be observed in men or in any individuals drinking coffee.

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Siv Andersson new Co-Director of SciLifeLab

Professor Siv Andersson at Uppsala University has been appointed Co-Director of SciLifeLab and replaces Lena Claesson-Welsh as of July 1st, 2017. Siv Andersson is currently the Facility Director at Bioinformatics Long-term Support (WABI) and is a SciLifeLab faculty member.

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Foto. Mikael Wallerstedt

New supercomputers will strengthen important research

April 24th the two supercomputers Bianca and Rackham are inaugurated at Uppsala University. Bianca, that will store data from human samples, will be available for researchers at SciLifeLab and their partners via SNIC through the National Bioinformatics Infrastructure Sweden (NBIS) platform at SciLifeLab.

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