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SciLifeLab Open House

SciLifeLab Open House aims to increase awareness of the technologies and expertise offered to researchers from all of Sweden. Please, join us during this day and get the opportunity to listen to and meet with facility personnel. Also, it will be possible to visit many of the laboratories.

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herring puff

The herring

In a new study SciLifeLab scientists report that whole genome sequencing of Atlantic and Baltic herring revealed hundreds of loci underlying adaptation to the brackish Baltic Sea or timing of reproduction.

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Keystone Symposium

May 31 – June 4, 2016

Understanding the Function of Human Genome Variation
Scientific Organizers: Kerstin Lindblad-Toh and Xavier Estivill

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The power of a single cell

The theme for SciLifeLab Science Summit 2016 was single cell analyses, from microbes to human brain.

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