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SciLifeLab provides an exciting and vibrant research community where companies can actively take part. To help companies accessing SciLifeLab:s technologies and expertise, we have initiated SciLifeLab Partnering.

SciLifeLab Partnering aims to develop partnerships for interactions between life science industry (both health and environment) and SciLifeLab where a core component is the establishment of collaborative research projects based on mutual benefit.

We welcome new project ideas or suggestions from companies within the medtech, pharma or biotech industries that wish to enter into an academic collaboration with SciLifeLab. We also provide support for SciLifeLab scientists who need industry collaborations to verify their research ideas in an early phase of their research. SciLifeLab Partnering provides matchmaking and independent support in initiating and realizing the projects.

To date, eight collaborative projects between life science companies in Sweden and scientists associated with SciLifeLab have been initiated and most of them are completed. These projects have been partly funded by Sweden’s innovation agency Vinnova and have been focusing e.g. on drug delivery technology, new diagnostics, discovery of novel biomarkers, technology development at SciLifeLab facilities and drug discovery projects. The projects have been granted funding from ca 50.000 SEK to 400.000 SEK. Furthermore, in-kind funding from participating partners has also been added to the total project budget.

Further details of the SciLifeLab Partnering project and how to apply for funding can be obtained by contacting the project leaders:

Cecilia Nilsson, UU Innovation
Richard Cowburn, KI Innovation office
Lars GJ Hammarström, SciLifeLab,