Data Access

The Data Office will facilitate proper data access for research data generated at SciLifeLab. Today, the data is owned by the university of the principal investigator of the project that receives data. It is their responsibility to ensure secure storage and archival of the data, and mechanisms to manage requests for data access according to established policies. But this is a difficult and cumbersome job, and often hindered by changes in personnel or project organization. For reasons like that, the stewardship of data is not always straightforward, and sometimes delivered data does not reach its potential impact. Because of the laws surrounding access to personal data, it is even more complicated for individual research groups working on human material to manage access requests and publish data in a secure and legal way. Therefore, SciLifeLab Data Office will provide a service that review requests and authorize successful data applicants, on behalf of the data owners.

The Data Office will develop, in collaboration with bioethicists, data access policies that pave the way for open/controlled access of all SciLifeLab-generated data as a service to the data owners and the scientific community on a whole.