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Data Coordination

The Data Office will provide different types of communication and coordination services for different groups.

For the platforms and their users, we will facilitate the planning for projects run on SciLifeLab platforms from a data management perspective.  Although this work is done individually by each platform that serves the user, the Data Office will assist with ensuring there is a complete plan, including the parts of the project that are outside the interaction between user and platform. For example, users will be advised on how to most efficiently use SciLifeLab resources in a coordinated way, such as when the different platforms will be involved and when the National Bioinformatics Infrastructure, NBIS, will be needed for analysis or systems support. The Data Office can also advise users on texts for applications for ethics approval or informed consent for study participants.

The Data Office will link with international consortia and work closely with NBIS that leads the Swedish technical work with these consortia. We will work towards implementing the standards and assist SciLifeLab researchers to follow international guidelines for data management.