Researchers at SciLifeLab continously welcomes students for doing degree projects. Some of the projects are announced here but you can also contact the platform/facility or the PI of the research group that you are interested in. You can also have a look at the projects posted at our host universities:

Karolinska Institutet: Degree project portal
KTH Royal Institute of Technology: KTH degree project portal
Stockholm University: Degree Projects in Biology for Master’s students
Uppsala university: Project offers


Bioinformatics MSc Project: Integrative Epigenomics in mouse ESC system

We make use of cutting edge epigenome mapping strategies including quantitative ChIP-Seq, transient transcriptomics (TT-Seq), DNA feature mapping (BLISS and S1-Seq) to understand the unique properties of stem cell chromatin. We are developing additional technologies to map epigenome dynamics. Integrating the different datasets with the wealth of published epigenome data provides a powerful strategy to […]


Optimizing unnatural amino acid mutagenesis in mammalian cells

Unnatural amino acid mutagenesis, also called amber suppression is a promising technique to control and study protein function in living cells. It relies on expanding the standard genetic code by recoding the amber stop codon to incorporate an unnatural amino acid. We are striving to develop this technique into a robust and general tool for […]