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Open position: Director for SciLifeLab

SciLifeLab (Science for Life Laboratory) is a center with four host universities in Stockholm and Uppsala, Sweden: Stockholm University, Karolinska Institutet, KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Uppsala University. SciLifeLab is a national resource for large-scale life sciences with a focus on health and environment.

The center provides a multi-disciplinary research environment with strong technology platforms, where advanced techniques and analytical expertise enable both hypothesis-driven and large-scale research in molecular biosciences and translational research. The center has built up several national technology platforms including genomics, proteomics, bioinformatics and drug development. The platforms offer service and education for all Swedish researchers in the respective fields.

SciLifeLab is now seeking a Director who can lead the continued scientific, technical and structural building-up of the center. The selected candidate must be highly motivated to create a scientifically strong, interdisciplinary and national center. The candidate is also expected to have extensive experience in both large-scale molecular biosciences as well as in hypothesis-driven research. The new Director will lead the center’s activities and work with the Co-Directors and Scientific Directors to develop the center’s research profile and to create a strong and welcoming research environment. The Director must also interact with the center’s Platform Directors to ensure that the center offers a range of world-class technologies. An important task for the new Director is to build bridges to other research environments in the country in order to develop SciLifeLab into a genuine national resource. The Director is the center’s scientific leader and reports to the National Board of SciLifeLab.

The position as Director of SciLifeLab is a six-year appointment and could be combined with a professorship at one of the four host universities. The appointment includes a significant research grant and start-up package. For candidates who do not currently hold a professorship at one of the host universities, a special assessment can be conducted for the creation of a professorship at the university that best suits candidate’s research profile.

The new Director is expected to start on July 1, 2015.

Description of the duties as Director:
The Director will lead the strategic, scientific and structural work within SciLifeLab to continue the development of a center with strong technology platforms and a wide interdisciplinary environment. This means:

  • To plan the work of building up a high-level scientific environment in collaboration with the Co- and Scientific Directors. This includes mentoring of of young researchers, symposiums and seminar series, joint projects and the development of an overall national infrastructure for large-scale biosciences.
  • To collaborate with the Co-, Scientific- and Platform Directors to ensure that Technology platforms provide advanced techniques with professional service, and performs method development, education and outreach activities in order to promote excellent research on a national level.
  • To work for national networking and engagement for SciLifeLab by ensuring that the Platforms are nationally known and accessible, and that research collaborations and networks are established around technologies or research projects at the national level.
  • To develop a strong research environment with procedures to facilitate that the research results can be applied in healthcare, government organizations and the business sector.
  • To develop the administrative routines of the centre
  • To set goals and develop annual and long-term plans for the SciLifeLab activities.
  • To collaborate with the Co-Director to develop proposals for the national budget to the Board, and to coordinate with the respective host university around the so called SFO budgets in order to utilize funding synergistically for SciLifeLabs common goals.
  • To report results and plans to the center’s national board, the center’s Scientific Advisory Board and the National Reference Committee.
  • To collaborate with Co-Directors and Site Managers in order to lead the administrative staff.

The new Director should have the following qualifications:

  • A broad understanding and experience of multi-disciplinary large-scale research in molecular biosciences.
  • Documented experience in leading large international projects of interdisciplinary character.
  • Documented leadership experience.
  • An ability to lead in a motivating and structured way to promote a good climate of cooperation within the center.
  • Experience of international research with focus on molecular biosciences.
  • A genuine interest in creating an excellent Swedish research center with strong reliance among the leading researchers as well as an easy access to the platform services for researchers all over Sweden.
  • An interest both for understanding basic biological mechanisms and to translate research results in health care and society.
  • Ability to communicate orally and in writing.

In the evaluation, emphasis will be put on academic qualifications and personal characteristics such as collaborative skills, self-motivation and communication skills.

Questions and further information: Anna Höglund Rehn,

You should express your interest for the position by email to the chairman of the board, Professor Göran Sandberg, no later than October 1, 2014.

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