4th Uppsala Transposon Symposium

4th Uppsala Transposon Symposium – integrating transposon and virus identification into evolution and disease research

Transposable elements (TEs) and endogenous viruses (EVs) are ubiquitous components of host genomes and therefore present in virtually all omics datasets. Technological advances have demonstrated the roles of TEs and EVs in evolution, diseases and developmental processes. To fully understand the impact on the host genome and molecular processes, it is therefore important to access and understand transposon and virus biology.


However, one of the biggest bottlenecks is the coherent identification of TEs and EVs in omics datasets. To overcome these limitations, the 4th Uppsala Transposon Symposium is focused on integrating TE and EV identification into evolution and disease research by exchanging knowledge and methods across study systems. We will bring together internationally renowned experts from Sweden and abroad. On days 1 and 2, we will provide an interdisciplinary road map to overcome TE and EV knowledge gaps in evolution and disease research. On day 3, we will host a workshop to provide cutting-edge training for meeting participants.


Since 2017, this annual meeting series covered different topics addressing important advances and challenges. It has promoted both national and international research collaborations, and we anticipate that the 2020 meeting will further strengthen the Swedish research community and outreach.