7th symposium on pharmaceutical profiling in drug discovery and development

Welcome to the 7th symposium on pharmaceutical profiling in drug discovery and development

Registration for the meeting to be submitted by e-mail: pharmprofiling@gmail.com
before January 15, 2016


08:00 Registration

08:30 Welcome: Prof Per Artursson and Assoc Prof Christel Bergström

Session 1: Omics and Predictive Pharmacokinetics.

Chair: Prof Per Artursson, Uppsala University, Sweden

08:45 Quantitative Targeted Proteomics for ADME Predictions.

Prof Tetsuya Terasaki, Tohoku University, Japan

09:30 Quantification of ADME proteins: An inter-laboratory comparison.

Christine Wegler, Uppsala University, Sweden

09:50 Coffee break

10:30 Metabolomic and Genomic Studies Reveal New Roles for Membrane Transporters.

Honorary Doctor Lecture: Prof Kathleen Giacomini, University of California, San Francisco, USA

11:15 Challenges of disposition of therapeutic proteins – comparison to small molecules.

Dr Pawel Baranczewski, Uppsala University, Sweden

11:35 Size matters – Ussing chambers and modeling of human intestinal absorption of small molecules
and nanoparticles.

Dr Patrik Lundqvist, Uppsala University, Sweden

11:55 Lunch

Session 2: New technologies in drug discovery.

Chair: Dr Pawel Baranczewski, Uppsala University, Sweden

13:15 Further learnings on molecular complexity, obesity and accessibility.

Dr Michael Hann, Glaxo Smith Kline (GSK), Stevenage, UK

14:00 Microfluidics, microscopy and microbes – technologies for investigating single molecules in live

Dr Mats Walldén, Uppsala University, Sweden

14:25 Impact of intracellular unbound drug concentrations on drug effects.

André Mateus, Uppsala University, Sweden

14:45 Coffee break

Session 3: Drug delivery beyond the rule-of-5.

Chair: Assoc Prof Christel Bergström, Uppsala University, Sweden

15:30 Evolving a portfolio beyond the rule-of-5.

Dr Michael Hageman, Bristol Myers Squibb (BMS), Princeton, USA

16:15 Early prediction of drug loading in lipid-based formulations.

Linda Alskär, Uppsala University, Sweden

16:35 Molecular dynamics simulations of drug solubility in intestinal fluids and lipid-based formulations.

Dr Per Larsson, Uppsala University, Sweden

16:55 Concluding remarks.