Affinity Proteomics, High Density Protein Arrays (Arrayjet Webinar Series)

The first Arrayjet Webinar series highlighting novel arraying techniques utilising power of the Arrayjet Marathon series of printers.  We will be focussing on our Key Opinion Leaders, their techniques and the end applications for their research.  For our first webinar Arrayjet welcomes Ronald Sjöberg from the KTH affinity proteomics group at  SciLifeLab in Stockholm to discuss the high-density protein array developed by the Peter Nilsson group.  Ronald heads up the Autoimmunity Profiling facility and supported by the Human Protein Atlas offers proteome-wide screening for autoantibody reactivity, epitope mapping, and antibody validation.

    • Proteomics groups within academic institutes who have not considered arrays as a platform.  PI’s, PhD’s & post doc’s
    • Autoimmune groups within academic institutes who have not considered arrays as a platform. PI’s, PhD’s & post doc’s
    • Disease specific groups – psychotic disorders.  Who might not be aware of the work being carried out understanding the role of the immune system
    • Pharmaceutical research groups in all of the areas outlined above.
    • Biotechnology companies looking to develop early stage tools to characterise autoimmune responses.
    • Groups with general interest in microarray applications.

Hosted by Ranald Pringle, Europe Middle East and Africa (EMEA) Commercial Manager at Arrayjet.

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Ronald Sjöberg,