BiG Talks! seminar on How to spot problems in your sequencing data

BiG Talks! announces a seminar given by Simon Andrews from the Babraham Institute (UK):


Seminar topic: How to spot problems in your sequencing data

When: 23rd of May, 10:00 – 11:30

Where: Göteborg University, Venue: Arvid Carlsson

Host: SciLifeLab and NBIS

Simon Andrews is the head of the Babraham Bioinformatics group which provide commerical and academic bioinformatics services as well as manging the data pipeline for the Babraham sequencing service.

The group develops several software packages for processing high throughput sequence data including FastQC, BamQC, SeqMonk, Bismark and HiCUP.

Many problems in sequencing have been addressed in the www site QCFail ( The QC Fail website was written by Babraham alumnus Philip Ewels (now working at SciLifeLab in Stockholm). Simon Andrews and other members of the Babraham Bioinformatics group are behind the content. Initially starting with posts about next generation sequencing, they hope that the site grows to a network covering different fields in biology. “
The seminar will be recorded and made available at SciLifeLab Youtube channel: