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Biologics – case study: From academic research results to industrialization of drug candidate

Biological drugs are transforming medicine and promise future targeted treatments for a range of conditions. However, there are many translational and technical challenges to overcome on the somewhat difficult path from science to clinical trials.

Welcome to a seminar co-organized by the SciLifeLab Drug Discovery and development platform and Testa Center, where you will hear an example from researcher Sara Mangsbo, now in the middle of this transition, and how available infrastructures can be bridged effectively.


Advancing academic discoveries towards therapeutic development

Per Arvidsson, Platform Director, SciLifeLab Drug Discovery and Development platform

Open access user facility for biological production to accelerate industrialization

Lotta Ljungqvist, CEO Testa Center, President & CEO GE Nordic region

Building value in a potential drug candidate – the journey from academic results, through SciLife’s drug development and discovery platform to Testa Center

Sara Mangsbo, Associate senior lecturer at Uppsala University

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NB. Video and sound recordings will take place during this meeting.


Biologics – case study: From academic research results to industrialization of drug candidate
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About SciLifeLab Drug Discovery and Development platform  

The SciLifeLab Drug Discovery and Development platform offers integrated drug discovery efforts to the Swedish academic research community. This includes industry standard infrastructure, expertise, and strategic support to help progress projects towards a preclinical proof-of-concept. The drug leads can be either a small molecule drug or a human antibody therapeutic. Services are offered in many areas ranging from

defining an initial drug target product profile, to identification of binders from a phage display library and analysis of drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics. The researcher/customer retains all rights and ownership during this process.

 About Testa Center

An open access, non-profit, non-GMP, production-like facility and test-bed for education, innovation and proof-of-concept experiments on production processes for biological products, e.g. monoclonal antibodies, peptides and proteins. Projects have access to both equipment and expertise to go from lab bench scale to industrial scale of protein production processes. Main objective for Testa Center is to promote growth of the Life Science sector and bridge the gap between discovery to industrialization. IP rights and results generated in the center remain exclusively with the researcher/user.

 About Sara Mangsbo

Sara Mangsbo has been researching immuno-oncology for 13 years and has been able to see the field before and after the clinical establishment of check-point therapies for advanced malignant diseases. Sara’s research group develops new model systems in bladder cancer, new biological drugs and further develops systems to investigate the safety of biological drugs. She has founded the company Immuneed and Vivologica and is now the chief development officer for Ultimovacs. Sara is also associate senior lecturer at Uppsala University and her research group is currently working actively with SciLife’s drug development and discovery platform and Testa Center to develop a new drug candidate.