Uppsala-Stockholm Workshop on Biomolecular Simulation

About the Symposium

The Uppsala-Stockholm Biomolecular Simulation Symposium is a one-day meeting for research groups focusing on computer simulations of biomolecular systems in the Stockholm/Uppsala area.



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09.00-09.30   Welcome and Poster setup
09.30-10.15   Gerrit Groenhof   QED/MM molecular dynamics simulations of polaritonic chemistry
10.15-10.40   Paul Bauer   BQCP – Calculating quantum corrections to free energy profiles
10.40-11.00   Break
11.00-11.25   Luca Retattino   Understanding RNA dynamics by NMR, SAXS and MD
11.25-11.50   Inna Ermilova   MD simulations of cholesterol in lipid bilayers
11:50-12:00  Samuel Floris  Research School in Medical Bioinformatics
12:00-12:20  Erik Lindahl  A SciLifeLab Research Community Program for Molecular Modeling
12.20-14.00   Lunch break and posters
14.00-14.20   Annie Westerlund   Inference of Calmodulin´s Ca2+ Dependent Free Energy Landscape
14.20-14.40   Ferran Padros   DFT study of Reaction Mechanism of Bezyformate Decarboxylase
14.40-15.05   Masoud Kazemi   Theoretical Study of the Mycobacterium smegmatis Acyl Transferase
15.05-15.15   Fredrik Grote   Modelling hydrothermal carbonization
15.30-16.00   Break
16.00-16.25   Marzieh Saeedimasine   Study on the mechanical properties of the axonal membrane
16.25-16.50   Axel Rudling   Fragment based lead discovery
16.50-17.10   Lutimba Stuart   Determination of specificity and affinity of the Lactose permease
17.10-17.35   Zahedeh Bashardanesh   Protein mobility under crowding conditions
17:35  Workshop ends
17:50  Bus to Uppsala leaves


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SciLifeLab, room Air & Fire
Totmtebodavägen 23, 171 65 Solna

Bus Shuttle

Bus transportation from Uppsala BMC (Husargatan 3) to SciLifeLab in Solna will be arranged, if 10 or more persons are interested in the service.