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SciLifeLab seminar series- Campus Solna, Michael D. Wilson, Comparative epigenomics: evolution and function of cardiovascular enhancers

Venue: Gamma lunchroom (level 2)

Guest speaker: Dr. Michael D. Wilson, University of Toronto, Sickkids Research Institute, Canada

Hosts: Claudia Kutter and Laura Baranello

CV synopsis: Michael Wilson did his BSc and PhD at the University of Victory, Canada and continued his PostDoc at the University in Cambridge, UK. He is now an Associate Professor in the department of Molecular Genetics at the University of Toronto, chair of Canada Research in Comparative Genomics and a member of the Heart and Stroke/Richard Lewar Centre of Excellence. His group is located at Sickkids Research Institute.

Talk synopsis: Michael Wilson will discuss his latest results explaining gene and genome regulatory mechanisms involving enhancers, transcription factors and architectural proteins (CTCF and topoisomerases) that are relevant to control developmental and disease processes. He addresses eminent question in the cardiovascular system by using sophisticated genomic tools, multi-species comparisons, bioinformatics and molecular biology.