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Data Management for Human Genomics

SciLifeLab Data Centre and NBIS invites to a workshop in Data Management for Human Genomics. 

In a one day workshop in Uppsala, we will hear talks on sequencing data flows, large scale data sharing efforts, in particular work within Elixir, and in-depth talks on data publishing and access control.

Tentative program:

9.00-9.30       Coffee and registration

9.30-9.35       Introduction – Johan Rung, SciLifeLab Data Centre

Session I

9.35-10.20     Human genomics in Elixir – Ilkka Lappalainen, Elixir Finland, CSC

10.20-10.50   Tryggve2 for sensitive data sharing –  Antti Pursula, NeIC / CSC

10.50-11.30   Realizing the potential of the Nordic precision medicine “goldmine” – Patrick Sullivan, Department of Medical Epidemiology and Biostatistics , KI

11.30-13.00   Lunch

Session II

13.00-13.30  Solutions for rare disease diagnostic data sharing – Chiara Rasi, Clinical Genomics, SciLifeLab

13.30-14.00   Data management at QBiC – Sven Nahnsen, Zentrum für Quantitative Biologie (QBiC), University of Tübingen

14.00-14.30   Genomic Data production in SciLifeLab – Phil Ewels, National Genomics Infrastructure, SciLifeLab

14.30-15.00   Coffee

Session III

15.00-15.30   Data Management in Digital Life Norway – Fatemeh Zamanzad Ghavidel, University of Bergen

15.30-16.00   Public repositories – Niclas Jareborg, NBIS, SciLifeLab

16.00-16.30   Data Management in Genomic Medicine Sweden – Per Sikora, Genomic Medicine Sweden

16.30              Finish


Attendance is free(limit of 120 participants) but registration will be required. 

If you have any questions please contact

Registration is closed.