Detecting and quantifying DNA repair pathway aberrations and mutational processes in human tumor biopsies in order to enable personalized cancer therapy

Speaker: Dr Zoltan Szallasi, Children’s Hospital, Boston, Harvard Medical School, The Technical University of Denmark
Host: Olli Kallioniemi
Venue: Gamma 2 lunchroom

About Dr Szallasi’s research:
Dr. Szallasi’s group is interested in the application of high throughput measurements for cancer research. They implemented several methods that increased the reliability of microarray and next generation sequencing measurements. They are also interested in approaches that combine genomic scale measurements in a manner that describe essential cancer biology in a robust fashion.

Dr. Szallasi is currently developing methods that determine and quantify specific DNA repair pathway aberrations in human tumor biopsies. This work led to a DNA aberration profile-based method that predicts response to platinum-based therapy with high accuracy, and which is currently in the final stages of comprehensive clinical validation. They are also exploiting cancer genomic data to improve cancer immunotherapy.

Warmly welcome!