Drug Discovery & Development Seminar

Evaluate your research with world class facilities and services

Welcome to this open seminar and networking event about the Drug Discovery & Development platform. Learn how SciLifeLab can offer you access to specialized research services and collaboration funding for large projects.

Auditorium Betula, 6M-huset at Norrlands Universitetssjukhus, Umeå

13:00 Marene Landstöm, Co-director for the Wallenberg Center for Molecular Medicine at Umeå University welcomes everyone.

13:10 Kristian Sandberg on the Drug Discovery and Development Platform – the facilities, services available and opportunities for co-financing via research grants.

13:45 Mikael Elofsson – Chemical Biology Consortium Sweden, CBCS. On expertise research support and the Functional Genomics platform located in Umeå.

14:00 Carolina Hawranek – Services offered to innovative entreprenours in the life science incubator.

14:15 Susanne Lindqvist – Example from the DDD-platform: the life science startup Lipum AB.

14:30 Mingle and information session about facilities and services connected with the SciLifeLab facilities.

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