Earth BioGenome Project (EBP) brainstorming – postponed

The EBP brainstorming meeting has been postponed.

The Earth BioGenome Project aims to generate high-quality genome assemblies for all eukaryotic life on Earth. Several large-scale projects to sequence a multitude of species are now ongoing, such as the Darwin Tree of Life project focused on all eukaryotic species in the British Isles. Following the SciLifeLab Science Summit on Genomics of Biodiversity and Evolution May 5, we invite you to a second day of community building around this topic (May 6, ~9 am- 2 pm).

We have invited a few Swedish researchers working in evolutionary biology to give scientific presentations as well as representatives from SciLifeLab platforms to present the pipelines available for generating high-quality genomes. After that, we will have an open discussion on how to better support investigator-driven genomics research and whether there is an interest to establish a national program on Genomics of Biodiversity and Evolution. If so, how can this be funded and should this be a part of the EBP project or have another focus?

Scientific committee

  • Prof. Kerstin Lindblad-Toh, Uppsala University
  • Prof. Leif Andersson, Uppsala University
  • Prof. Matt Webster, Uppsala University
  • Prof. Love Dalén, Centre for Paleogenetics (SU/NRM)
Date: May 6
Registration deadline: April 17
Venue: BMC, Uppsala, Triple room (E10:1309 in Navet), Husargatan 3, 752 37 Uppsala MAP!