Facility Forum 2019

Welcome to SciLifeLab Facility Forum 2019

Djurönäset, Värmdö – 2019-09-30 – 2019-10-01

Facility Forum 2019 is a two-day event, exclusively for the SciLifeLab infrastructure community, i.e. Platform and Facility Directors, Heads of Facilities and all infrastructure staff and administrative personnel.

Facility Forum will give you an excellent opportunity to meet with your infrastructure colleagues and discuss urgent topics related to facility operations. The aim of the event is to promote cross-facility interactions, to strengthen the SciLifeLab community feeling within and between platforms/facilities, as well as to inform and engage the infrastructure personnel in the planning towards the upcoming international evaluation of the infrastructure in 2020.

On day one (September 30), we offer inspiring talks, discussions on urgent topics in parallel sessions followed by a dinner with entertainment in the evening. The second day (October 1) is devoted to platform-wise activities and ends with a joint lunch. Please see the full program (updated continuously) on the SciLifeLab webpage (LINK).

The following is included by your registration:

  • Bus from/to Stockholm Central station, Solna and Uppsala
  • Conference program
  • Lunches and coffee breaks
  • Teamwork activity
  • Conference dinner
  • Overnight stay in a shared room (only for participants of Day 2)

We look forward to seeing you at Facility Forum 2019!

Important information


If you are currently recruiting facility personnel that you wish to register to the Facility Forum 2019, you are welcome to submit additional registration(s). In this case, you may write “recruiting ongoing” in the field “name” and “surname”.

Please, note that your registration must be submitted by June 17, 2019, at the latest and that the registration is binding. Cancellations made after June 17 will result in your facility being charged with 1 000 SEK. You are, however, allowed to let another infrastructure member replace your participance and hotel room booking at any time. Please, just let us know.

Parallel sessions:

On day one (September 30) there will be the following parallel sessions that participants can register to:

  • Cross-platform and facility workshop– Learn about the other infrastructure platforms and facilities to be able to guide users to the entire SciLifeLab infrastructure and identify cross-platform opportunities for users.
  • Career paths for infrastructure personnel – How can SciLifeLab contribute to the implementation of a career ladder system for staff scientists and other facility personnel?
  • Enhancing the SciLifeLab community – How do we build a strong internal community within SciLifeLab, with a clear identity and common voice?
  • Facility IT and data management services – Meet the Data Centre to find out about services available for your facility and to discuss your needs. Learn about future plans and get involved in the testing of our coming services.
  • How do we create an excellent facility user experience? – Featuring integrated communications and co-development of the SciLifeLab brand.
  • The role of the Bioinformatics platform within SciLifeLab – A cross-platform discussion about current Bioinformatics capacities and future needs from Facilities.

As the conference rooms, where the parallel sessions will be held, have a limited number of seats, we strongly recommend the facilities to divide their participation evenly between the different sessions.

Overnight stay

Only participants of Day 2 are allowed to register for the overnight stay.

Conference Dinner:

Due to space restrictions, a maximum of 300 participants can attend the conference dinner. If necessary, priority will be given to people that are participating during Day 2 and staying overnight at Djurönäset.


Detailed information about transport will come in due time.

Contact Operations office: facilityforum@scilifelab.se