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FlowSight Seminar & Workshop Imaging Flow Cytometry

The first and, still only, Amnis FlowSight imaging flow cytometer available in Sweden is located at the SciLifeLab BioVis facility in Uppsala. The seminar and workshop will be inspirational and give you an overview on how you can apply this new technology to your research.

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Morning session

09:30-11:30 FlowSight IDEAS analysis software workshop

Afternoon session

12:30-13:15 Dr Sebastian Seth, Amnis

Introduction to AmnisFlowSight

13:15-14:00 Amanda Welin PhD, University of Gothenburg

Title to be announced

14:00-15:00 Dr Sebastian Seth, Amnis

Examples of FlowSight applications

15:00-15:20 Coffee brake

15:20-16:00 BioVis user applications


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