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Frontiers in Cell Migration

This symposium, hosted by SciLifeLab and Uppsala University, will gather world leading international scientists from different disciplines that share a common interest in cell migration.

Interdisciplinary and holistic approaches are required to increase our understanding of the molecular mechanisms that regulate cell migration. During this symposium, we will hear about how cell migration can be studied using advanced in vivo live imaging, as well as by reductionist in vitro assays and by in silico modeling. Currently, an interdisciplinary Cell Migration Research Hub associated with SciLifeLab at Uppsala University is about to be formalized with the goal to assemble and recruit leading scientists within the field of cell migration, inflammation, and cancer.

The ability of cells to migrate in response to guidance cues is fundamental. Cell migration drives embryogenesis and is absolutely central to the development of distinct organs. In adult animals, cell migration is crucial for maintaining homeostasis during for example tissue remodeling and wound healing. The immune response also relies on rapid recruitment of immune cells to target sites. During certain pathologies, such as tumor growth, autoimmune disorders, retinopathy and vascular malformations, different ways to inhibit cell migration is now being explored.

Venue: Uppsala Biomedical Centre, SciLifeLab entrance (C11), E10:1309

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Organizing committee: Stefan Engblom, Johan Kreuger, Mia Phillipson

The symposium is sponsored by: Zeiss, Bergman Labora AB, AB Ninolab, Fisher Scientific, Gradientech AB and Philips.