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Frontiers in Life Science Technologies – Decoding Health and Disease

Welcome to the 3rd RIKEN CLST – Karolinska Institutet – SciLifeLab Joint Symposium: Frontiers in Life Science Technologies! 

Venue: Conference room Air/Fire, SciLifeLab, Tomtebodavägen 23A, Solna

This year’s symposium entitled Frontiers in Life Science Technologies – Decoding Health and Disease, will focus on technologies and applications to approaching disease and health, and will consist of three sessions; Molecular imaging and disease, Single/stem cells and disease, RNA and disease. The symposium is open to the public, and active participation by scientists, young researchers, students and others interested in the field is very much welcome.

Speakers (Alphabetical order) 

• Erik Arner   RIKEN CLST 

• Piero Carninci   RIKEN CLST

• Goncalo Castelo-Branco   Karolinska Institutet

• Carsten Daub   Karolinska Institutet / SciLifeLab / RIKEN

• Lars Farde   Karolinska Institutet

• Tibor Harkany   Karolinska Institutet

• Kosuke Hashimoto   RIKEN CLST

• Juha Kere   Karolinska Institutet

• Rolf Lewensohn   Karolinska Institutet

• Sten Linnarsson   Karolinska Institutet

• Johan Lundberg   Karolinska Institutet

• Joakim Lundeberg   KTH Royal Institute of Technology / SciLifeLab

• Satoshi Nozaki  RIKEN CLST

• Jay W. Shin   RIKEN CLST

• Chikako Suzuki   Karolinska Institutet

• Kayo Takahashi   RIKEN CLST

• Yasuhisa Tamura   RIKEN CLST

• Andrea Varrone   Karolinska Institutet

• Yasuyoshi Watanabe   RIKEN CLST


Conference website:

Registration is free under this link: