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Genomics England, OpenCB

Ignacio (Nacho) Medina from Genomics England (100,000 UK genomes) will visit us in Uppsala. Nacho is the main developer of OpenCB, a database solution designed to host, share, view and analyse large sets of human genomes (100,000+)

Genomics England is the leading Human WGS initiative in the world right now, focusing primarily on genome sequencing of cancer and rare disease
The purpose of the visit is to investigate if/how we can use OpenCB for some of the Human WGS datasets being generated in Sweden now, and we will do so initially from the view of the Swedish reference genomes, but it could of course potentially also be extended to other cohorts/studies.

Nacho will give an open lecture/discussion/demo of the system on Tuesday morning, May 17th. The talk will be technically rather than biologically orientated. You are also most welcome to join allready from 9.00 to get some basic info and a brief update on the reference genomes and the research cluster. Also feel free to spread the link to others that I might have missed in the sendlist, thanks!

Tuesday May 17, Uppsala, BMC, Navet, Floor 1 (E10:1309)
9.00 – 9.15 Brief update on the Swedish reference genomes project (Adam Ameur)
9.15 – 9.30 Brief update on the Swedish research cluster environment for sensitive personal data (Peter Ankerstål)
9.30 – 11.45 Demo and presentation of OpenCB (Nacho) (incl coffe break.)

Mandatory registration (before Monday May 16, 9 am)