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Hearing concerning a National Protein Production Platform

Gunnar von Heijne, SU/SciLifeLab, have been commissioned by the SciLifeLab National Board to prepare a call for proposals for Swedish universities to host facilities within a national distributed infrastructure for protein production. According to the decision, the infrastructure should primarily support work in structural biology (X-ray crystallography/Max IV, NMR, cryo-EM), drug development and proteomics/individualized medicine.

On August 27 there will be a hearing for possible users of the planned facilities to involve them in the preparations for the call. All interested parties are welcome (subject to space constraints). If you’re interested to attend, please send an e-mail to


9:30-10:00                   Coffee

10:00-10:15                 Welcome. Background to the Hearing (Gunnar von Heijne)

10:15-12:00                 7 facility presentations (see below; 15 min each)

12:00-13:00                 Lunch sandwich

13:00-13:45                 “User” platforms (see below; 15 min each)

13:45-14:00                 Coffee

14:00-16:00                 General discussion (chair: Gunnar von Heijne)

Venue: the Magnéli Hall, Arrhenius laboratories, Stockholm University



Protein Science Facility, KI (Helena Berglund)

Protein Platforms, LiU (Per Hammarström)

Core Facilities, GU (Göran Larson)

Lund Protein Production Platform, LU (Claes von Wachenfeldt)

Protein Expertise Platform, UmU (Uwe Sauer)

Bacterial cell factory, KTH (TBA)

CHO cell factory, KTH (TBA)


“User” platforms: 

Swedish NMR Centre, GU (Göran Karlsson)

MAX IV Laboratory, LU (Tomas Lundqvist)

Core facility for Electron microscopy, UmU (Linda Sandblad)