Introductory Linux Tutorial for Life Sciences

The course is open for PhD students, postdocs, researchers and other employees in need of Linux command line skills within all universities.

Important dates

Application opens:  2019-09-12

Application closes:  2019-11-22, 12 am

Confirmation to accepted students:  one week after application closes

Responsible teachers:  Mihaela Martis-Thiele & Jeanette Tångrot

If you do not receive information according to the above dates please contact:

Course fee

A course fee* of 1300 SEK will be invoiced to accepted participants in the classroom in Stockholm and Umeå. This includes lunches, coffee and snacks. There are no costs for the remaining participants.

*Please note that NBIS cannot invoice individuals

Course content

NBIS (the Swedish node of ELIXIR) and ELIXIR Slovenia are offering an “Introduction to Linux” course targeted at life scientists who want to extend their skills and knowledge. The course is delivered via classroom training and via an e-learning platform, thus offering the participants the possibility of attending the course either by traveling to Stockholm or to Umeå in Sweden, to Ljubljana in Slovenia, or by connecting remotely via the ELIXIR Slovenia e-learning platform. The number of remote students is limited to 30. The course will be broad-casted from Sweden.

Topics covered will include:

  • Introduction to the Unix/Linux operating system
  • Filesystem structure & navigating the filesystem
  • Searching the filesystem
  • Viewing and editing files
  • Text processing commands
  • File/directory ownership & permissions
  • I/O redirections
  • Compression of files/directories
  • Fundamental shell scripting
  • Exercises – applying learned shell commands

Course certificates will be handed out only if sufficient points are earned during small accompanying exams. Participation to the exams is not mandatory if a certificate is not needed.

Entry requirements

The course is addressed to life scientists with no or very little experience in using Linux commands, but who are enthusiastic about learning how to use them for simplifying their work and improving their efficiency. Participants should expect an INTENSIVE COURSE which includes many hands-on exercises.

All participants are expected to use their own computers. In addition, remote participants are expected to have an (integrated) web-cam and a headset, so that we can give you quick feedback and efficient help.


To register please use the following link:

Due to limited space the course can accommodate maximum of 15 participants in the individual classrooms in Stockholm and Umea, 20 in Ljubljana, and 30 remote participants.