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Leroy Hood, November 12

SciLifeLab seminar

Wednesday, November 12

Leroy Hood

Institute for Systems Biology, Seattle, USA

Systems Medicine and Proactive P4 Medicine: Transforming Healthcare with the Longitudinal Digital Aged Study of 100,000 Well People

Abstract: The Hood group is integrating biology, technology and computation to create a predictive, personalized, preventive and participatory approach to medicine. This P4 Medicine will use a systems or holistic approach and new computational and mathematical tools to analyze the enormous amounts of molecular, cellular, phenotypic and medical data that now can be generated for each individual. By viewing medicine as an informational science, P4 medicine will draw on an understanding of the networks underlying health and disease. The goals are to treat and prevent disease by identifying perturbations in biological networks, and countering those perturbations through therapeutic intervention.


About Dr. Lee Hood: MD, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, PhD, Biochemistry, California Institute of Technology, President and co-founder, Institute for Systems Biology, Seattle, USA.  Hood was involved in the development of five instruments critical for contemporary biology—namely, automated DNA sequencers, DNA synthesizers, protein sequencers, peptide synthesizers, and an ink jet printer for constructing DNA arrays. These instruments opened the door to high-throughput biological data and the era of big data in biology and medicine.  Hood is now pioneering new approaches to P4 medicine—predictive, preventive, personalized and participatory, and most recently, has embarked on creating a P4 pilot project on 100,000 well individuals (100K Wellness Project), that is transforming healthcare. In addition to his ground-breaking research, Hood has published 750 papers, received 36 patents, 17 honorary degrees and more than 100 awards and honors. Hood has founded or co-founded 15 different biotechnology companies including Amgen, Applied Biosystems, Rosetta, Darwin, Integrated Diagnostics and Indi Molecular.




Host: Ulf Landegren, Department of Immunology, Genetics and Pathology, Uppsala University