Symposium: Life Science Frontiers in Health, Disease and Aging

4th RIKEN / Karolinska Institutet / SciLifeLab Joint Symposium

The 4th RIKEN/Karolinska Institutet/SciLifeLab Joint Symposium will be held in Kobe on November 16-17, 2017. The title of the symposium is “Life Science Frontiers in Health, Disease and Aging”. In addition to oral presentations already scheduled, there is the opportunity to present posters, and applications are open to those who wish to share their research related to the theme of this symposium.

The RIKEN will offer a limited number of travel fellowships to young researchers from Sweden (affiliated to SciLifeLab or KI) to attend the symposium. We hope this will encourage as many young scientists as possible to attend the symposium. More information and application form to the right. Deadline for travel grant application is August 31st.

More information and registration here. Registration deadline: September 30.

Questions: Please contact Carsten Daub, carsten.daub[at]




(Titles are tentative)

11/16/2017 (Thu)

Opening Remarks:

MORNING SESSION: Gene Expression in Disease and Aging
•Jan DUMANSKI (SciLifeLab/Uppsala U.): Y chromosome loss in aging and disease
•Joakim LUNDEBERG (SciLifeLab/KTH Royal Institute of Technology): Massive and parallelexpression profiling using microarrayed single-cell sequencing
•Olli KALLIONIEMI (SciLifeLab): Systems approaches in future precision cancer care
•Aki MINODA (RIKEN): Aging project Lunch Break

AFTERNOON SESSION I: Neural Function, Disease and Therapy
•Agneta RICHTER-DAHLFORS (KI): Nano technologies in neuroscience
•Katsuhiko MIKOSHIBA (RIKEN): Single neural cell imaging
•Masayo TAKAHASHI (RIKEN): iPS-based regenerative medicine – retinal disease
•Jun TAKAHASHI (CiRA, Kyoto U): iPS-based regenerative medicine – neural disease •Tomoyuki FURUYASHIKI (Kobe U.): Neural network bases of stress responses

Coffee Break / Poster Viewing

AFTERNOON SESSION II: Molecular Aspects of Health, Disease and Aging
•Ulf GYLLENSTEN (SciLifeLab/Uppsala U.): Proteomics in plasma dictating biological age
•Agneta NORDBERG (KI): New biomarkers for Alzheimer’s disease
•Yoshitaka ISHII (Tokyo Institute of Technology): NMR-based Structural Studies of Amyloid Assemblies
•Naoko SATOH (RIKEN): Metabolome Analyses of Gut Flora

• Yoshinori OHSUMI (Tokyo Institute of Technology): Lessons from yeast -autophagy as a cellular recycling system


11/17/2017 (Fri)

MORNING SESSION: Visualizing Health, Disease and Aging
• Lars FARDE (KI): Age effect on brain neurotransmission
• Christer HALLDIN (KI): Radioligand development for dementia
• Takuya HAYASHI (RIKEN): Novel methodology in neuroimaging
• Satoshi WADA (RAP): Laser imaging technologies
• Yasuyoshi WATANABE (RIKEN): New clinical molecular imaging set-up in Kobe
• Atsushi IRIKI (RIKEN): Neuroscience of primate brain evolution

Lunch Break

AFTERNOON SESSION: Molecular Network Control
• Andreas LENNARTSSON (KI): Epigenetic mechanisms of myelopoiesis and cancer
• Erik ARNER (RIKEN) :Single cell drug response in leukemic stem cells
• Shunsuke TAGAMI (RIKEN): Molecular engineering targeting cellular pathways
• Konstantin SEVERINOV (Rutgers U.): Ribosomally synthesized and post-translationally modified peptides (RiPPs)
• Hidefumi MUKAI (RIKEN): Imaging and DDS for controlling molecular networks
• Eisaku KONDO (Niigata U.): Tumor lineage-homing cell-penetrating peptides

Closing Remarks:


Date: November 16-17, 2017
Venue: Kobe University Integrated Research Center Convention Hall, Japan