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Live 3D imaging using multifocus microscopy

The Bioimaging platform at Science for Life laboratory cordially welcome you to an open symposium covering live 3D imaging using multifocus microscopy from a world leading experts in the field.

Time: 1-2 pm, Tuesday Feb 2nd, 2016

Place: Scilifelab, Solna, Tomtebodav 23A, Fire lecture hall, floor 2 gamma

Lecturer: Sara Abrahamsson, Ph.D., The Rockerfeller University, New York

Abstract: We have developed the instant 3D imaging method aberration-corrected multifocus microscopy (MFM) that provides fast and sensitive imaging of living specimens. We demonstrate applications in biological studies ranging from transcription imaging in mammalian cells to functional imaging of neural circuits in C. elegans. MFM can also be applied in super-resolution imaging mode using single molecule localization techniques. We propose to develop even faster super-resolution 3D imaging capabilities by combining MFM with structured illumination microscopy (SIM) for applications in cell biology and neuroscience.

Invitation in PDF: Sara Abrahamsson symposium 2016