Long-Read Sequencing Meeting

Save the date: April 3 – 4, 2019. Venue: BMC, Uppsala

Long-read technologies (PacBio, 10x Genomics and Oxford Nanopore) become more and more popular in modern genomics due to their ability to resolve structural re-arrangements, copy number variations, repeat expansions, phase genomes, etc. These technologies have revolutionized the field of de novo genome sequencing and lead to the discovery of previously unknown genomic sequences that could not be previously sequenced by the short-read technologies. Other important applications are the whole-length transcript- and direct RNA sequencing that allows unprecedented precision in studies of alternative splicing (PacBio), RNA base modifications (Oxford Nanopore) and single-cell RNA sequencing (10x Genomics).

Day 1: Scientific symposium, covering an introduction to technologies and latest developments, applications in human genomics and in de novo studies.

Day 2: Application workshops: training in data analysis, sample preparation and experimental design.


Olga Vinnere Pettersson, UGC; NGI-Uppsala,  project coordinator as well as the contact person.

Adam Ameur, UGC; NGI-Uppsala

Jessica Nordlund, SNP&SEQ Technology platform, NGI-Uppsala