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Metagenomics, Metabarcoding, and eDNA

The National Genomics Infrastructure (NGI) hosted by SciLifeLab is welcoming you to register for a half-day event focusing on the topic of Metagenomics, Metabarcoding and eDNA, given within the NGI series of scientific symposia.

The agenda of this event is to provide researchers in Sweden the opportunity to interact, meet experts, get inspired, and learn more about the latest advances in the broad range of Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) and genotyping technologies offered at NGI, this time focusing solely on metagenomic research.

Venue: BMC Uppsala, B8 (Svedbergssalen)

Program and invited speakers

13:00   Welcoming remarks

13:05   Introduction to NGI and NGS technologies.

13:35   EDNA network. Maria Kahlert, SLU.

13:45   SLU Metabarcoding lab. Åke Olson, SLU.

13:55   Keynote speaker:

            Thijs Ettema, UU.

14:40   Coffee break

15:10   Topic Water: Anders Andersson, KTH

15:20   Topic Soil: Karina Engelbrecht Clemmensen, SLU

15:40   Topic Animal Health: Oskar Karlsson, SLU    

16:00   Poster session, consultations, mingle

More information and registration