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Mini-Symposium: Biologics – Bridging the gap

The 2018 years Nobel prizes in Medicine (immuno oncology) manifested the power of biological drugs for treating life-threatening diseases, and the Nobel prize in Chemistry (phage-display) rewarded a technology that efficiently identifies potential biological drug candidates. Problem solved!? Not really! Much work remains in order to successfully move biological drug candidates to clinical trials. This one-day, free, workshop co-organized by the SciLifeLab Drug Discovery platform and GE Healthcare/Testa center will highlight some of the many activities that need to be in place to “Bridge the gap”.



Venue: GE Healthcare/Testa Center, Björkgatan 30, Uppsala

Registration and Coffee

Per Arvidsson and Anders Olsson, SciLifeLab

Trends in Biopharmaceuticals

Lotta Ljungqvist, GE Healthcare

Testa Center – background, purpose and user feedback

Jesper Hedberg, Testa Center

Vinnova/Swedish Research Council: National research program on biologics; new methods, products and treatment options

Sandra Kleinau, Swedish Research Council

Coffee Break
State of the art cell development, competence and costs

Ann Lövgren, GE Healthcare

Scale up – from the lab to the plant – a CDMO perspective

Stefan Schmidt, BioAtrium

Lunch – including group visit to Testa Center
Patenting Biologics: How and Why – and is it worth the trouble?

Ylva Skoglösa, Partner at Aera A/S, European Patent Attorney and Authorized Swedish Patent Attorney

Regulatory aspects for Biologics

Margareth Jorvid, Methra Uppsala AB / LSM Group

Coffee Break

Case Studies

Taking a novel next-generation biologic drug to clinical proof of concept

Evelina Vågesjö & Peter Frank, Ilya Pharma

The Human Secretome Project

Hanna Tegel, KTH

Outsourcing process development and clinical manufacture-Challenges for the small biotech

Mikael Moge, BioArctic


Lotta Ljungqvist, Testa Center / GE Healthcare
Jesper Hedberg, Testa Center
Per Arvidsson, SciLifeLab
Anders Olson, SciLifeLab

Organizing committee

  • Per Arvidsson, SciLifeLab DDD
  • Magdalena Eggens, Testa Center
  • Jesper Hedberg, Testa center
  • Kristin Hellman, Testa Center / Uppsala Bio
  • Lotta Ljungqvist, Testa Center / GE Healthcare
  • Anders Olsson, SciLifeLab DDD
  • Helena Ströberg, Testa Center / Uppsala Bio


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