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Mini-symposium on Symbiosis

Symbioses are ubiquitous partnerships in all environments Partnerships between microorganisms have been instrumental in organelle development, e.g. mitochondria, chloroplasts, and hence they are interesting systems to study. This symposium will take a brief look at a few consorting pairs, and is aimed at a broad audience in order to promote discussion and create new networks. All are welcome.


09:30 Welcome Coffee
09:55 Opening Remarks
10:00 The chromatophore of Paulinella – A transition from endosymbiont to organelle
Eva Nowack
(Plenary), Heinrich-Heine-Universität Düsseldorf (Germany)
10:50 The tame beasts: evolution of domesticated prophages and adaptation to novel mammalian hosts
Daniel Tamarit,
Uppsala University
11:20 Diatom-diazotrophs associations: a continuum of integration and diversification through geological time
Andrea Caputo
, Stockholm Univeristy
11:50 Lunch is served
13:00 Symbioses of the non-cultured Frankia clade
Katharina Pawlowski
(Plenary), Stockholm Univeristy
13:50 A single, ancient event of host adaptation in the order Legionellales
Lionel Guy
, Uppsala University
14:20 Concluding Remarks



Organising committee:

  • Anders Andersson (KTH)
  • Stefan Bertilsson (UU)
  • Fabien Burki (UU)
  • Rachel Foster (SU)