Mass Spectrometry Imaging: From Drug Discovery to Applications in Clinical Research

Joint Seminar between SciLifeLab MS Imaging pilot facility  & Waters

Rapid development in mass spectrometry imaging is having a profound effect on the way we think about molecular mechanisms of disease (e.g., cancer) in clinical research & Drug Discovery. Joins us for insight into current directions and perspectives on the future impact to molecular pathology & clinical research.

Join internationally renowned visiting scientists to learn about the path from innovation to early adoption and beyond:

Professor Zoltan Takats , Primary inventor of the non-destructive DESI Technique & iKnife

Professor Ron Heeren, Scientific director of the Maastricht MultiModal Molecular Imaging institute; translational imaging research

Professor Per Andrén, Director of MS Imaging pilot facility at SciLifeLab and the National Resource for MS Imaging; drug discovery and development and neuroscience

Professor Jens Pahnke, Head of the department of Neuropathology, University of Oslo and President of the Scandinavian Society for Neuropathology

Navet, Entrance C11, BMC
Sessions at 11:00-14:20 in conference room Navet
Sessions at 15:00-16:45 in conference room A1:107a

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