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Single cell RNA-seq seminar hosted by NGI Uppsala SNP&SEQ

The SNP&SEQ Technology Platform (NGI-Uppsala), Miltenyi Biotec, and 10x Genomics welcomes all researchers with an interest in single cell sequencing.  Single cell sequencing has revolutionized life science research leading to a deeper understanding of biological processes in health and disease. Rapid technology advances are enabling large-scale projects for resolving single cell populations from 100s to millions of cells in a given study. In this seminar, Miltenyi Biotec and 10x Genomics will introduce a combined workflow for optimized sample preparation and single cell analysis, and NGI-Uppsala will present their experience preparing and sequencing scRNA-seq libraries.

Topics include MACS® magnetic cell separation any tissue, from small to large scale, from frequently occurring cells to rare cells and sophisticated subset and combined T-cell, B-cell, and 5′ gene expression analysis as well as the established 3′ single cell gene expression analysis from many diverse sample types.

Coffee/fika will be provided. We kindly ask you to register so we can order the appropriate amount of catering.



SciLifeLab Uppsala, Trippelrummet, Navet, BMC



9:45-10:00:      Registration and coffee

10:00-10:05:    Welcome, NGI-Uppsala

10:05-10:35:    “MACS cell separation – select the best” Eva Hellqvist Franck (Miltenyi Biotec)

10:35-11:05:    “Single Cell Applications: 3′ Digital Gene Expression and 5′ Digital Gene Expression with combined VDJ analysis.” Steve Glavas (10x Genomics)

11:05-11:20:    “Possibilities for single cell RNA-seq library preparation and sequencing at NGI-Uppsala”, Jessica Nordlund (SNP&SEQ Technology Platform, NGI-Uppsala)

11:20-12:00:    Q&A and pre-booked individual meetings



Registration closes on November 9th.