SciLifeLab Open House

Come and visit our Uppsala facilities!

To reach awareness of the technologies and expertise offered to researchers from all of Sweden, SciLifeLab organizes its first Open House. At the SciLifeLab Open House, you will get the opportunity to interact with facility personnel and visit many of the laboratories located in Uppsala.

Take the opportunity to meet and greet with colleagues and SciLifeLab users!
The day will end with a relaxed mingle at Navet, Uppsala Biomedical Centre. We will offer simple refreshments as well as a (non-alcoholic) welcome drink. Restaurant Bikupan has a bar open so bring cash if you want something in the bar during the evening. It will be offered a playful triathlon for those who want to win prizes during the evening.

A similar event will be held in Stockholm this autumn.


Practical information

Program at a glance (detailed program is found under Related Items to the right.)

9.00-16.45 Facility sessions

17.00-19.00 Mingle at Navet, the national SciLifeLab hub in Uppsala.

Updated program and map with venues to the facilities is found under Related Items to the right.


There will a limited number of seats available for the Open House sessions. No registration is needed, seats will be filled on a first-come first-serve basis.

NOTE! If you wish to attend the concluding mingle please register here. Last day to register is May 26 (prolonged deadline).

For more information please contact


Evolutionary Biology Centre (EBC), Rudbeck Laboratory, Uppsala Biomedical Centre (BMC), The Ångström Laboratory, The MTC building, Uppsala university hospital.