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Phenotypic screening – how to query biology in high content and high throughput analysis?


High content analysis (HCA) allows for the systematic and automated assessment of biological events on the cellular and subcellular level. In combination with high throughput functional screening (HTS), HCA is a powerful tool for chemical biology, drug discovery and phenotypic drug profiling. However, analysis of large multiparametric data sets is challenging and remains a major bottleneck in the process of translating massive amounts of collected information into biological knowledge.

Our workshop aims to provide a platform for discussion on how to address these challenges within the SciLifeLab high content and high throughput phenotypic screening community (Hi2Com).

The agenda includes:

  • Presentations from in house and external experts on image and high content data analysis
  • In-depth debate on how to best apply the most current HCA to HTS experiments.
  • Short presentations from end-users to give an overview on current approaches and work.

We hope to learn from our community on solutions and issues, and initiate strategies to address these collectively and collaboratively. We believe that exchanging knowledge and experience will facilitate and benefit our future work, and contribute to building on the SciLifeLab community.


Organizing Committee:

Jordi Carreras Puigvert
Päivi Östling
Magda Otrocka


Venue: SciLifeLab Solna, Wangari meeting room, Widerströmska huset, Tomtebodavägen 18A, Solna

09:00 Welcome and opening words
09:10 Peter Horvath
09:55 Kevin Smith
10:40 Coffee break

SciLifelab platform presentations

11:00 In Vitro and Systems Pharmacology, DDDP
11:20 Cell Profiling
11:50 Chemical Biology Consortium Sweden (CBCS)
12:10 Lunch & Round table discussions
  • IT infrastructure
  • Image analysis tools
  • Data analysis and visualization

User presentations

14:00 Marjo Puumalainen (Helleday’s lab)
14:20 Jordi Carreras-Puigvert (Oscar Fernandez-Capetillo’s lab)
14:40 Olli Kallioniemi team
15:00 Q/A session with wrap up by Carolina Wählby
17:00 Pizza&Drinks at SciLifeLab pub


Due to the limitation in available seats (50), the organizing committee reserves the right to select attendees based on the motivation provided in the registration. The final decision about application will be made on the 8th of April, notification will be sent out by e-mail.

Registration has closed. For inquiries regarding any last minute seats, please contact Magdalena Otrocka –