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Mass spectrometry-based proteomics: When and How

The Janne Leithö group welcomes you to take part in the afternoon symposium “Mass spectrometry-based proteomics: When and How”  October 19th 2017 in Solna (Gamma 2 lunch room, SciLifeLab, Tomtebodavägen 23, Solna).

Speakers from both academia and industry will present their latest research. They will show examples for the application of different state-of-the-art mass spectrometry techniques in research areas spanning from chemical biology to immunology and beyond.

No pre-registration required.



13:30 Chemical manipulation of bacterial pathogenesis
Prof. Dr. Stephan Sieber, Chair of Organic Chemistry II, Technical University of Munich
14.45 Single-cell proteomics and systems level analyses by Mass cytometry
Petter Brodin M.D. PhD, National Facility for Mass cytometry, SciLifeLab
15.45 Mass spectrometry in early phase analytics of biopharmaceuticals
Dr. Benjamin Hackner, MorphoSys AG
16.30 Closing