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SciLifeLab Biomolecular Simulation Workshop

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Thank you for attending the Biomolecular simulation meeting will be held at SciLifeLab Uppsala on the 24th of May (2018). In addition to local speakers, prof. Phil Biggin from University of Oxford will also present his work during the day. Mark your calendars!

Preliminary Program

09.30 Welcome Coffee & Registration

Session 1

10.00 Phil Biggin, Oxford University
10.45 Erik Marklund, Uppsala University

Session 2

11.15 David van der Spoel, Uppsala University
11:45 Marina Kasimova, KTH
12:00 Lunch

Session 3

13:00 Presentation of Bioexcel
Rossen Apostolov
13:10 Lucie Delemotte, KTH
13:40 Per Larsson, Uppsala University
14:10 Lukas Stelzl, MPI of Biophysics
14.25 Coffee & Posters

Session 4

15:00 Magnus Lundborg, Erco Pharma AB
15:15 Joe Jordan, Stockholm University
15:30 Yuxuan Zhang, Uppsala University
15:45 Christian Blau, Stockholm University
16.00 Poster prize ceremony and snacks


This year’s meeting is kindly supported by BioExcel, the European Center of Excellence for Computational Biomolecular Research ( KTH is a coordinator of the center with SciLifeLab as a partner member.

The centre works on 1) improving the performance and scalability of major applications for biomolecular simulations – GROMACS, HADDOCK and CPMD; 2) developing user-friendly and automated workflow solutions for computation and data handling based on platforms such as CWL, Galaxy, KNIME, OpenPHACTS, Taverna and COMPSs, 3) providing advanced support to the user communities.

The centre organizes a number of activities which would be of interest to biomolecular researchers. These include hands-on training on supported software, tailored customization of code, popular webinar series, seasonal schools and support forums.

In support of the communities, BioExcel is awarding two prizes for best poster and best presentation. The center also sponsors the social event after the main program.