SciLifeLab and EATRIS (European Infrastructure for Translational Medicine) seminar

Date: Friday March 15th
Time: 2 pm
Fire conference room, SciLifeLab in Solna

Coffee will be served from 13.45


What are the possibilities for facilities, infrastructures and individual research groups to participate in this international network?

EATRIS ERIC ( is a European research infrastructure designed to accelerate the development of new drug treatments, diagnostic tools and other medical products. EATRIS acts as a “distributed infrastructure” built up of 13 member countries and more than 90 academic research centers across Europe with the headquarter in Amsterdam. EATRIS works within five focus areas (platforms): biomarkers, advanced therapeutic medicinal products, diagnostics and medical imaging, small molecules and vaccines.

A Swedish node is now being established. The Swedish Research Council supports Sweden’s participation and stands for Sweden’s membership in EATRIS, which enables university researchers to join EATRIS free of charge. Today, Chalmers, Gothenburg university, Karolinska Institutet, KTH, Lund University, Stockholm University, Umeå University, Uppsala University and the Academic Hospital form the Swedish EATRIS centers with infrastructure covering three of the five product platforms.For Swedish researchers, the membership opens up an international window for collaboration with industry and academia, an increased opportunity for exposure of Swedish expertise, but also offers new opportunities for professional interaction across traditional borders.

During the seminar, Anton Ussi, Operations & Finance Director at EATRIS Coordination & Support (Amsterdam) will present EATRIS and the opportunities offered to its members. From the Swedish side, Mats Larhed, the National Director and Chairman of the EATRIS Board of National Directors will give his view on the first three years of Swedish membership in EATRIS. Also attending the seminar are: Florence Bietrix– Operations and Program Manager Biomarker Platform EATRIS Coordination & Support Office, Martin de Kort– Program Manager Imaging & Tracing and Small Molecules platform, Chris Tieken– Business Development Manager EATRIS Coordination & Support Office, Spyridon Goudelis– Communications Manager EATRIS Coordination & Support Office and Ulrika Bäckman– National coordinator EATRIS, prepared to answer all your questions concerning EATRIS.

Host: Peter Nilsson, KTH