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SciLifeLab Facility Outreach Day June 13

Welcome to the facility outreach day at Stockholm University, June 13, 2017!

SciLifeLab will arrange a Facility outreach afternoon at Stockholm University so that interested group leaders and other researchers can learn more about our facilities and the services they can provide. The facilities will present themselves via 10-min presentations and posters outside the lecture hall. We will mingle by the posters during the break and after presentations.

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Schedule (Updated 170602)

12:30 Introduction to SciLifeLab
Annika Jenmalm Jensen
12:40 The 2017 call for SciLifeLab facility projects
Ylva Engström
12:50 Chemical proteomics (ChemProt): Identification of drug targets
Massimiliano Gaetani
12:59 Affinity Proteomics for protein and autoimmunity profiling of bodyfluids
Maja Neiman
13:08 Single Cell Proteomics: Protein detection at single cell resolution
Caroline Gallant
13:17 Eucaryotic Single Cell Genomics: High-throughput single cell isolation and sequencing
Karolina Wallenborg
13:26 The Microbial Single Cell Genomics facility
Anna-Maria Divne, Claudia Bergin
13:35 National Genomics Infrastructure
Karin Gillner & Beata Werne Solnestam
13:44 National Bioinformatics Infrastructure (NBIS): Support services for life sciences
Olga Dethlefsen
13:53 Chemical Biology Consortium Sweden
Anna-Lena Gustavsson
14:02 The SciLifeLab Drug Discovery and Development Platform: Turning Discoveries into Innovations
Per Arvidsson
14:11 – 14:40 Fika, by facility posters
14:40 Swedish Metabolomics centre: Tailor-made metabolite analysis that enables researcher to answer their research question.
Jonas Gullberg
14:49 Advanced Light Microscopy: Super-resolution light microscopy for biological and biomedical research
Daniel Jans
14:58 High-Content Microscopy: How your research project can benefit from the expertise and resourses of the Human Protein Atlas
Charlotte Stadler
15:07 Fluorescence Correlation Spectroscopy
Stefan Wennmalm
15:16 The national Cryo-EM facility
Gunnar von Heijne
15:23 How Bioimage Informatics can empower your research
Kevin Smith
15:32 Swedish NMR centre: NMR: From molecular information to systems biology
Gerhard Gröbner
15:41 Protein Science Facility
Helena Berglund
15:50 High Throughput Genome Engineering: Genome-wide genetic screens using CRISPR/Cas
Bernhard Schmierer
15:59 Genome Engineering Zebrafish
Johan Ledin
16:10 – 16:45 Mingle with snacks, at facility posters

Facilities with poster only (Updated 170602)

Clinical Genomics
Malin Melin

Venue: Vivi Täckholmssalen, Svante Arrhenius väg 20A, 114 18 Stockholm (SU campus)



Contact if you have questions, or wish to change your registration.