SciLifeLab seminar series-Campus Solna, Stephen Friend

Monday, February 3, 2020 at 15:15 in Air and Fire

Stephen Friend

Visiting Professor of Connected Medicine , Oxford University, UK
President 4YouandMe

From time on the faculty at Harvard, to founding Rosetta and then restarting the Oncology efforts at Merck in 2002, to founding Sage Bionetworks, through time at Apple working on their health strategy, till now being at Oxford and leading 4YouandMe(nonprofit),  my interests have remained: how to use unknowns to query knowns, design new ways to coordinate diverse teams in high risk projects, and how to better forecast and intervene at times of metamorphosis.

Title of the talk: How close are we at forecasting symptom transitions for chronic conditions like diabetes, Alzheimer, and the impact of the fabric of life on these conditions using digital devices-smart phones and beyond?

There is much hype surrounding how we can generate data on our devices that can track diseases. It would be nice if we could make individual assessments for proximal actions from intra-individual fluctuations and not aggregate them to the “mean.” It would be nice to find adjacent individuals whose trajectories in health/disease could inform ours. It would be nice if we could learn how to nurture individuals sharing their data and insights. It would be helpful if we could provide ways for people to assimilate and act on their individual assessments. This lecture will review some early attempts to frame the work needed to answer some of these unknowns using  smartphones, smartwatches, and smart-rings that provide high-dimensional longitudinal objective trajectories at an individual level across large populations.

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Host: Olli Kallioniemi