SciLifeLab seminar series-Campus Solna, Stirling Churchman

Monday, September 30, at 15:00 in Air and Fire

Stirling Churchman

Harvard Medical School and MIT, USA

Stirling Churchman serves as Associate Professor of Genetics at Harvard Medical School and as an Associate Member of the Broad Institute. She obtained a PhD in Physics at Stanford University (2008) and performed her postdoctoral training at UCSF. Since 2011 she leads a group at Harvard Medical School focus on the quantitatively visualization of gene expression processes at higher levels of resolution.


Title of the talk: Orchestrating the many regulatory layers of gene expression

The Churchman lab addresses questions regarding gene regulatory processes occurring throughout the cell, from the nucleus to the mitochondria. We develop tools for tackling critical problems in gene regulation, focusing on three areas. First, we are investigating how regulation of nascent transcription controls RNA levels, alternative splicing, enhancer function and production of non-coding RNAs. We established native elongating transcript sequencing (NET-seq) that measures RNA polymerase density genome-wide at single-nucleotide resolution and has shed new light on how transcription is regulated. Second, we are exploring the connection between splicing and transcription by developing tools that determine when, where, and how splicing occurs co-transcriptionally through careful analysis of nascent RNA sequences. We have developed a NET-seq variant called co-transcriptional processing by nanopore sequencing (nano-COP) that analyzes splicing dynamics in living cells. Finally, we are investigating a fundamental question in eukaryotic gene expression: how are nuclear- and mitochondrial-encoded genes co-regulated? We are capitalizing on our expertise in the development of nuclear genome-wide approaches to comprehensively and accurately probe the mitochondrial genome, enabling significant progress in our understanding of mitochondrial gene expression. This talk will cover our latest progress in these areas.

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Host: Vicent Pelachano