SciLifeLab symposium in superresolution microscopy

The Bioimaging platform at Science for Life laboratory cordially welcome you to an open symposium covering applications of superresolution fluorescence microscopy from several world leading experts in the field.

09:00 pm Opening address
Dr Hans Blom – Advanced Light Microscopy, SciLifeLab Stockholm

09:10 pm Superresolution with SIM
Prof Rainer Heintzmann – Friedrich Schiller University Jena Germany

10:00 pm Superresolution with PALM
Prof Suliana Manley – EPFL Lausanne Switzerland

11:10 pm Superresolution with STORM
Dr Mark Bates– Harvard & MPI-BPC Göttingen Germany

12:00 pm Superresolution with STED
Dr Lars Kastrup– Abberior & MPI-BPC Göttingen Germany

Time: Tuesday 3rd of June 2014
Place: Karolinska Institutet, Campus Solna, Tomtebodav 18A, floor 2 in INGHE-salen


Description i PDF: SciLifeLab symposium in superresolution microscopy