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SciLifeLab The Svedberg seminar series 2013-12-02 CANCELLED

Valeriya Lyssenko

Steno Diabetes Center A/S, Gentofte, Denmark and Department of Clinical Sciences, Diabetes and Endocrinology, Lund University, SUS Malmö, Sweden

Valeriya Lyssenko researches focuses on genetics determinants of diabetes development and progression. Her group conducts clinical studies on patients with diabetes, uses genomics laboratory approaches and computational approaches to dissect the complex genetics of diabetes and diabetic complications, and to understand underlying biology and potential clinical implications of genetic discoveries.

“Protective factors in diabetic complications”


Diabetes is associated with devastating chronic macro- and microvascular complications and with increased mortality. Although hyperglycemia and duration of disease are the most important risk factors for development of diabetic complications, other factors must be invoked to explain why progression to these complications is not universal amongst hyperglycaemic patients. The ideal scenario to identify protective factors is to study survivor

persons, who despite long disease duration or extreme environmental exposure remain free from devastating conditions. To study this we are carrying out PROLONG study (PROtective genes in diabetic complications and LONGevity) in Scandinavia. Also Ukraine represents a unique population for investigating temporal and environmental exposure effects on genetic

and epigenetic factors associated with risk or protection from overt diseases due to the history of pre-war (1930s) and the World War II (1940-1945) times. We apply genomic and metabolomic technology including genome-wide genotyping, whole genome exome sequencing, RNA sequencing as well as genome-wide arrays for epigenetic markers. Ultimately, this knowledge could make it possible to develop novel treatments promoting protective mechanisms.

 Host: Bryndis Birnir

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