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SciLifeLab The Svedberg seminar series 2014-03-17

Yuri Korchev

Imperial College London, Division of Medicine, London, UK

Yuri Korchev received a PhD degree in Biophysics at Russian Academy of Science in St Petersburg in 1989, and performed postdoctoral research at Russian Academy of Sciences, St Petersburg and then at St Georges Hospital Medical School in London during 1989-97.  In 1997 he joined the Faculty of Medicine, Imperial College London and became one of pioneers in the field of Scanning ion conductance microscopy and is engaged in development of this microscopy for living cell research.

Beyond the Optical Resolution in Living Cell: Biomedical Applications of Scanning Ion Conductance Microscopy

Molecular Biology has advanced – we know much about the individual molecular components that make up living cells down to the level of the individual atoms. The challenge, however, is to fully understand the functional integration of these components.  This ultimately requires the development of novel biophysical methods. We have recently pioneered the development of an array of new and powerful biophysical tools based on Scanning Ion Conductance Microscopy (SICM) that allow quantitative measurements and non-invasive functional imaging of single protein molecules in living cells. Scanning ion conductance microscopy and a battery of associated innovative methods are unique among current imaging techniques, not only in spatial resolution of living and functioning cells, but also in the rich combination of imaging with other functional and dynamical interrogation methods. These methods, crucially, will facilitate the study of integrated nano-behaviour in living cells in health and disease.

Host: Ingela Parmryd