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SciLifeLab The Svedberg seminar series, Abderrahman Khila, Development, selection and species diversification

Monday, November 12

Abderrahman Khila

CNRS, Institute of Functional Genomics in Lyon, France

Dr. Abderrahman Khila obtained a joint PhD between Fez University (Morocco) and Toulouse University (France). He then did his postdoctoral studies in Canada, first at the University of Western Ontario, then between McGill University and the University of Toronto. Currently his is group leader and Director of Research at CNRS, based at the Institute of Functional Genomics in Lyon, France. His interests fall within the field of Evolutionary Developmental Biology.

Title of the talk: Development, selection, and species diversification

The evolution of adaptive traits can open new ecological opportunities and facilitate species diversification. However, the nature and utility of such traits during colonization of new niches is often unclear. The semi-aquatic bugs (Heteroptera, Gerromorpha) adapted to water surface life and diversified to colonize a wide range of niches including lakes, stream, ponds, and even oceans. In this talk, we will see how this group of organisms can serve an efficient model for integrative studies of morphological evolution. We will discuss how various processes, ranging from the effect of locomotion of fluid substrates to sexual selection, can drive species diversification.

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Host: Arild Husby (