SciLifeLab The Svedberg seminar series, Carsten Schultz

Monday May 2

Carsten Schultz

EMBL, Cell Biology & biophysics unit, Heidelberg, Germany

Carsten Schultz develops tools for imaging and manipulation of various cellular signalling processes. Among many important contributions, he has created several novel fluorescent reporter molecules and converted highly polar signalling molecules into membrane-permeant, bioactivatable prodrugs. Particular emphasis is currently directed towards lipid-controlled cell biology in the context of cystic fibrosis and diabetes.

New tools to study calcium dynamics and insulin secretion

Our lab is interested in visualizing and manipulating intracellular signal networks, including those that center around calcium signaling. In this lecture, I will discuss two recent projects with examples of the approaches and chemical tools we use in our lab. I will present unpublished results on how lipids are involved in regulating calcium oscillations in beta-cells by applying caged lipids and chemical dimerizers to manipulate lipid levels. In addition, a novel ratiometric fluorescent probe to monitor insulin secretion at the single cell level will be introduced. Then, I will demonstrate how sphingosine controls lysosomal calcium levels and how this impacts autophagy (Hoeglinger et al., eLife 2015)

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Host: Anders Tengholm