SciLifeLab The Svedberg seminar series, Magda Konarska

Monday February 22

Magda Konarska

Centre for New Technologies, University of Warsaw, Poland

Dr. Konarska received her Ph.D. from Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics, Warsaw, with Witold Filipowicz (1983), and did postdoctoral work at MIT with Phillip A Sharp (1984-90). In 1990, Dr. Konarska joined the Rockefeller University, where she later became an Evelyn Lipper Professor and Head of Laboratory of Molecular Biology and Biochemistry.  In 2015 she left the Rockefeller University and set up a Laboratory of RNA Biology in the newly opened Centre for New Technologies at University of Warsaw, where she plans to help in training of Polish students and post-docs.

Spliceosome dynamic rearrangements and their consequences on splice site selection

Pre-mRNA splicing is a simple chemical reaction that is catalyzed by a highly complex enzyme, the spliceosome. Dr. Konarska’s lab is interested in the general architecture and function of the spliceosomal catalytic center, testing new models of snRNA:snRNA interactions and analyzing spliceosomal factors involved in positioning of the substrate for catalysis. These projects form a part of a broader direction of developing an orthogonal spliceosome system, in which selected spliceosome mutants function only in the context of a specialized, orthogonal substrate. It is anticipated that mechanistic studies of the yeast spliceosome will help to understand molecular interactions that influence splicing fidelity and alternative splicing in metazoan systems.

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Host: Jan Komorowski