SciLifeLab Workshop on CellProfiler

Workshop on Quantitative Automated Analysis of Phenotypes from Microscopic Images using Cell Profiler 

May 11, 2012 Rudbeck Lab Room: Darwin

Free, open-source software
User friendly, tailored for biologists

“Available for download from Also installed on the UPPMAX computing cluster for large scale experiments”
10.00-13.00  Applied lectures

Get started with Cell Profiler

Identify relevant objects (e.g. cells)

Morphological measurements

Use machine learning to classify cells based on the measured

14.00-16.00 Personalized assistance with your own data
Bring your computer with CellProfiler and CP Analyst installed to
actively participate to the workshop.
Teaching: Carolina Wählby, Alexandra Pacureanu, Martin Simonsson

Registration & questions:

Download: (win, mac & linux)


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