SciLifeLab Workshops: Biodiversity and Evolution – Genomics of Adaptation

This is the second workshop in a series of monthly workshops covering various research themes central for SciLifeLab. The theme of this workshop is Genomics of Adaptation, and it will take place at SciLifeLab in Stockholm on October 23. There will be ample time for discussion, as the aim is to stimulate collaborations.

Bus transfer from Uppsala at 9.30 and back at 16.15.

Registration is now open. Registration will close October 3.
Note that the number of participants is limited to 60.


11.00-11.10   Introduction – Tanja Slotte, Stockholm University

11.10-12.00   Understanding the rapid evolution of pesticide and drug resistance
Philipp Messer, Cornell University, USA

12.00-13.10   Lunch

13.10-14.00   The butterfly plant arms-race escalated by gene and genome duplications
Christopher Wheat, Stockholm University

14.00-14.15   Regulatory changes associated with recent adaptive floral evolution in Capsella
Kim Steige, Uppsala University

14.15-14.30   A Zebrafish Oxymoron: PDE6γ as a Genetic Source of Inhibitory Enhancement
Xesús Abalo, Uppsala University

14.30-14.45   Snipe SNPs: balancing sexual selection for a good gene haemoglobin variant in great snipe (Gallinago media)
Jacob Höglund, Uppsala University

14.45-15.10   Coffee

15.10-16.00   Genetic adaptation in the Darwin’s finches and in the Atlantic herring explored using whole genome resequencing
Leif Andersson, Uppsala University

Organizers: Tanja Slotte, Christopher Wheat, Siv Andersson

For further information, please contact Mikaela Friedman in Stockholm (

Program Biodiversity and Evolution